How to Get Your Music on Spotify?

Spotify is one of the top-rated music streaming service providers that also offer video streaming and podcasts. Most of the services come free of all cost and this is one of the reasons why the Spotify is gaining popularity and the number of users is increasing tremendously.

Most of the people think Spotify allows its users only to stream music online, but the same Spotify allows the users to upload their songs and in return, earn on the basis of the number of subscribers and listeners. Here are some of the only few methods that can help you upload your music on Spotify.

Spotify basically has almost every music of a record label on its database and allows its users to stream these songs. However, if you are not on a record label then the only way to upload your music to Spotify is through “aggregators”.

Aggregators are companies that will upload your music to Spotify and also take care of the royalty payoffs. All you have to do is pay a small percentage of your royalty to the aggregator.

Currently, the Spotify works with only 4 aggregators, below I will mention the details and the fees they charge you for the services provided.

  1. CD Baby –
Type standard Pro
One-time fee single $12.95 $39
One-time fee album $49 $99

The pro package gives you the ASCAP or BMI registration and also song registration with global collection agencies and also with global publishing agencies. There will be no annual fee but, this aggregator charge 9% of the digital music sales.

  1. Record Union –

This aggregator provides 1-year full digital distribution. A single would cost you $7, an EP $10, and an album will cost you $13. One of the best things about this aggregator is that they have collaboration with the Sony Music and if they find your music good you might have a chance of getting in a contract with Sony Music

  1. TuneCore – This aggregator charge you $9.99 for a single and $29.99 for an album for a year and the rates are then revised. You keep the whole royalty.
  2. EMU Bands –This aggregator provides their services with a one-time payment of $42.50 for a single, $59.95 for an EP, and then $84.95 for an Album. There are no hidden charges, and you keep the whole royalty.

This is how you get your music on Spotify.

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