Welcome to the world of Vidmate

You can say goodbye to the issues of downloading. All of us love to download videos and save them on to your mobile phone so that we can watch them at our leisure. But the task of downloading is not an easy one because you need to pay a visit to each and every individual site so that you can stumble upon the right video hosting sites so as to locate the proper videos. Vidmate for Android solves this problem as you can download the videos and watch them at your own leisure. The best part is that you can download and try it all by yourself.

The procedure to download Vidmate

  • First, you have to proceed towards the settings on your device. Then tap on the security menu and move on to the option of unknown sources
  • On to your device you have to download vidmateapk
  • You are going to avail a notification as Google has security alerts in place. The moment you are going to download any third party app it is going to specify. Though this app is fully protected and you can press ok
  • Once you have downloaded you need to tap on the app and press the option of install
  • Once installed you can click on the open option
  • Then you can enjoy to download the videos

Why Vidmate has gone on to emerge as one of the popular video downloading apps

Vidmate is an ultimate download manager. Once you have gone on to download and install this app you are not going to need any other apps. One of the notable features of this app is that not only it would allow you to download videos, but in order to locate the right videos features will be provided and you can opt for them in the chosen file format. You can even decide the quality and format of the file. Even it is possible to download the sound file.

Gone are the days where you had to visit every individual website in order to download the videos.  The reason being there is a search feature in built with this app. With the help of search videos you can download movies, shows etc. Even within the search results you can download individual videos. It is possible for you to decide on how fast you want the videos to be downloaded. The moment internet connection is not there the video would stop downloading and it is going to return back once the connection returns.

Just move on the downloading section and find out the list of videos that are being downloaded. Even it is possible for you to download multiple videos at the same time.it is possible for you to access the list of downloaded videos. Even with the videos that you have downloaded you can tap on the search button. The list of downloaded videos is saved on to your SD card and being an app that is small in size you are never going to run out of space.